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Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association



The Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association (HELMCA) is a non-profit organization. It brings together composers and sound artists who engage in a creative use of music technology and with their work explore and produce a wide spectrum of musical approaches and forms of sonic art.


The main aim of HELMCA is to strengthen collaboration and solidarity among its members and to promote their work in Greece and abroad. For this reason, its work focuses on communicating and exchanging information as well as organizing festivals, concerts, installations, conferences, seminars, and workshops.  The “Electroacoustic Music Days” festival forms the association’s main event held annually, a meeting of the members to present and perform their latest work.


The foundation of HELMCA in 2002 coincides with a new phase in the development of electronic music in Greece. This phase marks the appearance of several notable young composers – some of them already having important international distinctions - and the development of educational institutions in the fields of music technology and electroacoustic music.


Since June 2006 HELMCA is the National Federation member of the CIME (Confédération Internationale de Musique Electroacoustique).


Board 2017-2018 (Lixouri)
Katerina TZEDAKI President
Leda EUSTRATIOU Vice President
Gregory GREGOROPOULOS General Secretary
Andy DEMA Treasurer
Apostolos LOUFOPOULOS, Counselor
CIME representative:Panayiotis KOKORAS 


Archive of Past Board Members



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