Apostolos Loufopoulos was born in Greece, 1974. He studied music at the Ionian University of Corfu (Music Degree - 1999) and electroacoustic composition with Denis Smalley at City University, London (PhD in electroacoustic composition – 2005). He has attended seminars on contemporary composition and music technology at IRCAM (Paris, Academie d’ete, 1998).


As a composer he has participated in many electroacoustic music concerts, and in well-known international festivals and conferences including ICMC (2003-2005), L’Espace Du Son (2002-03), SMC 07, Synthese 07, Cinema for the Ear / DIEM (2002), and others. He has been awarded prizes at international competitions, such as PrixArs Electronica’ 2011, Prix ‘NOROIT-Leonce Petitot’ 2002, Bourges 2003, 2006, 2009, Prix ‘SCRIME’ 2003, ‘Metamorphoses 2002, 2004, 2008’, ‘Space of Sound 2004’, ‘Musica Nova’ 2004, ‘Franco Evangelisti’ 2006, ‘D.Dragatakis’ 2008. His works have been performed in Greece, United Kingdom, USA, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Singapore, Canada, Argentina, Chile, and have been released on different CD collections (Ionian University http://music.ionio.gr/en/viewer.php?i=c007, INA-GRM / Scrime, Sugarmusic, Musiques et Recherches (www.electrocd.com/en/bio/loufopoulos_ap/discog/), on the radio and on the internet. Music score for his piece ‘59 Winds’ (flute and electronics) has been published and is available by Edizioni Suvivi Zerboni, Milano 2007 (http://www.esz.it/).


His music is highly influenced by the sound of the natural environment, in which he is interested from a research perspective, as well as the inter-contextual approach to music and the convergence between musical genres. He has participated in academic research projects regarding the study of environmental sound (post-doctoral research at Ionian University, 2006-2008) and attended a number of international conventions on a variety of thematic subjects, regarding musical research. Also, has been an organizing member and member of the artistic board of national and international conventions, such as the  WFAE (World Forum of Acoustic Ecology) ’11, www.akouse.gr/wfae2011, and electroacoustic music days ‘07 ’09, www.electrodays.teiion.gr.


Apostolos Loufopoulos currently works as a freelance composer, music producer and teacher. He directs a private sound studio in Athens, Greece, specializing in digital audio production and surround sound. He also teaches music technology and composition at the Technical Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands, Department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments, Cephalonia-Greece (www.teiion.gr).


He is a founding member and currently on the board of HELMCA (Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composer’s Association, www.essim.gr) and the Greek Society for Acoustic Ecology (www.akouse.gr).



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